Everything is getting simpler over time and why can’t resume writing be? Resume writing can also be simpler if we are approaching it in the right way. Everyone knows a resume is the first step towards your dream job and primary knowledge ushers every candidate to make his or her resume better. Among all these better resume writing services in India, how to stand out as the best? 

Let’s have a peek in to do’s and don’ts of a resume. Here we go,

Do optimize for ATS

Nowadays most companies use an applicant tracking system to weed out non-conforming applicants. So your resume needs to satisfy both machine and human eyes. The system scans your resume for contextual keywords and phrases and it calculates the relevance to pass the right one. Cracking the ATS is not a Herculean if your resume is rightly stuffed with relevant keywords. Also, keep your formatting simple.

Don’t Steal the exact wording of the job description

Copying the job description exactly as it is not an accepted way. Try to say things in your job description in your way. 

 Do Consider a Summary Statement

A summary statement, which consists of a couple of lines at the beginning of your resume that gives potential employers a nutshell description of your skills and experience. Make it interesting. And remember to be honest here. The length should be between 50-200 words. Do not forget to have the whole cover letter to express a bit more about you. So try to limit your words here.

  Don’t Use Clichés or Jargon

Hiring managers are analyzing a whole lot of resumes daily. So they might be tired of cliche words like ‘hard worker, ‘team player, proactive, etc. Try to discard these more than common words. They can’t make you stand out. Keep an eye on the industry or role-specific jargon you use. In many companies, if you want your resume to reach the sight of the hiring manager, you’ve got to get it past HR first—So, your resume needs to be in terms of layman’s language.

Do Include Your Contact Info

Yes, we know. This seems pretty basic. But an unfortunate misstep can lead tour resume to the trash. This section should have your name, email address, phone number, address (or just city), LinkedIn URL, social media usernames, and personal website if you have one. And always reread this section to avoid typos, especially in contact numbers and email addresses.

Don’t Squish 

Overfilling everything to fit into a single page is not the right way to deal with a resume. If you are sure about your skills and achievements, why should you discard them for sake of some spaces? Include the too! And make everything you include easy for the eyes. Using a too-small font to include everything on a single page is a sin.

Don’t Go Overboard With Text Effects

Tour resume will be distracting if you are playing with bolded, italicized, or in ALL CAPS, options.use emphasize only for your most relevant data. And also try to keep your consistency by following a single font throughout the resume.

Do Use Digits

Digits can save your space much more than number names can do. 8 and 88% are cooler and less space-consuming than eight and eighty-eight percentage.

Don’t Send it as a Word Document

Sending your resume off as a .doc file can spoil all the time that you spend on your resume. Sending something as a word file can harm the formatting. Save your final version as a PDF to make sure everything stays just as is.

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