6 Creative Gift Ideas For Best Friends

There are many complicated decisions in life that we make, and deciding what gifts to buy on Birthdays is one example, especially when it comes to your best friend! We still cannot be okay giving piggy banks to our special friends, right?! While gifting them clothes, accessories, skincare kits etc., is a good option, but only if they desire to have one. Being a best friend, you know everything about each other; choices and interests. Every third person can get them those common gifts we have been presenting them with for since long, but don’t you think you should give them something that is not ordinary? 

Suppose you got to this article while searching for what to give your best friend! Then, my friend, you are at the right place. Congratulations! In this article, you will get to know some thoughtful yet different gifts from trendy online flower delivery to traditional ideas that  you can give to your best friend. So! Let’s get started.

Plant- a lifetime gift

Gifting your best friend a small Plant to let them feel the beauty of mother nature is a memorable gesture. You can go for different types of plants that have unique significance attached to them –

Lucky Bamboo- 

The bamboo plant signifies good health and wealth and joyous life. It is not just a gift! But a blessing you give to your friend. A gift that will grow, and with every new leaf or every inch of it, your loved one will attract good health and happiness! Isn’t it amazing?

Money Plant!

As the name suggests- the money Plant helps in attracting good wealth and prosperity. Help your friend manifesting prosperity by giving them a baby Money Plant which will keep growing and bring them prosperity. 

Flower bouquet

Flowers get a thumbs up for every occasion and every relation. The best part of gifting these is that you can send them off to any place, say your friend is in Bangalore, you have to order online flower delivery in Bangalore, and the gift will get delivered to your best friend’s doorstep. 


Dream Catcher

When it comes to dream catchers, most of us look at it as a wall hanging or just a home decor option. But it is much more than it and has a lot of significance attached to it. The dreamcatcher’s web helps catch the bad dreams, thus protecting you from negativity while sleeping and the hole in the centre attracts the good dreams. If you care about your best friend, this is the “to go gift” you must present to them. You can also combine a dream catcher with an attractive happy birthday bouquet. 

Fragrance Candles

When we think of a romantic dinner date, the first image which comes to our mind is of a candlelight dinner! Isn’t it? Even as soon as I typed “candlelight” “romantic dinner”, my autocorrect automatically showed “dinner” as the next word! So why do we consider it as an essential element to make our best moment even more special? It is because even when we gaze at the flame of the candle, we can relax both our eyes and our mind. Also, in the case of scented candles, the different fragrances hold different atmospheric properties. If your friend also tends to fall into stress easily, then the mixture of lavender and vanilla is the best combination to release the stress. You can quickly shed the day’s stress by the atmospheric properties this fragrance holds. 

To make it fancier, you can give your friend a spa kit, relaxing music CD and these fragrance Candles; This will remind them to go into their self-care zone and pamper themselves. Again, combining a few small things will add more spark to your gift. Go to the best online flower delivery in Bangalore and order the combo sets for your loved ones. See! It’s that easy.


If your friend is a book lover, nothing else can excite your friend more than a book. Selecting a book is also a big task! But since you know your best friend inside out you can look for the topics which interest them. There are some books like “The Secret” which can change their life magically. Many such philosophical books bring hope and joy to your friend’s life. If your friend does not have faith in philosophical books, you can go for other romantic novels, comics, etc. After all, Books are a man’s best friend. 

Decorative bottle showpiece

I know it is an old school idea to give your friend a water bottle, but a bottle with a good message on it and with those glittery sides, this gift can be a good option—the most economical and decent gift. On a serious note, this will remind your friend to stay hydrated and keep boosting their immunity by drinking loads of water—similarly, a mug for their morning tea or coffee with their picture on it. You can personalize their daily use items, which will be helpful to them. 


“You are the Queen”, “You have a mission”, or any message you can get customized on a cup of your choice will remind them of their self worth every morning, is a perfect option to give. 

Finding the most appropriate gift is a tiring task we know. Why? Because we want to do the most memorable thing and something that no one has ever done for our best friend. Collecting some little things of their interest can keep on surprising them the whole day with these. Then, throw the best birthday bash for them. So these were some thoughtful gifts you can give to your best friend.

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