When I was at high school, and in my first year of University for that matter, I was not a particularly good student. I didn’t do much studying or revision and I turned up to exams completely unprepared. Fortunately, I knew enough to get slightly above average grades and make it into a good University. When I got into my second year at University I actually hit on a good formula to get grade A’s in all my exams and I finished with a first class honors degree. So what changed? I had basically hit on a good method of studying.

The written word is very much different then the spoken word so if it has been a long time since you have had to write a paper of any kind, you may want to freshen up your writing skills. cheap essay writing covers spelling, sentence structure, and grammar. You can find multitudes of lessons and resources on these topics on the internet.

The essay writing you write will reflect your personality and character. As the essay will focus on you it can be quite a difficult proposition so you should sit down and think it out carefully. A little introspection, a bit of analysis and a lot of observation is required before you start writing.

Estimate essay plan how much time each assignment will take you. Warning – always overestimate the time it will take to complete a project. Far better to finish early than to be overworked.

Poor structure. Make sure you plan out how to develop the essay. Most of the time, weak essays are the result of the wrong organization structure. Gather your notes from the onset and decide how to best present them by imagining how the sequence develops your ideas.

Once you have these 5 things filled out, you have effectively figured out your thesis. With your thesis, you can start writing your essay. In my example, using this, I could do my introduction, and in the three body paragraphs I could explain three benefits of ballroom dancing and then write my conclusion. Pretty simple, right?

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