Have you received an interview letter? If so, it’s not the time to get burned out. Congratulations! Your professional resume writers in India have impressed the hiring managers. You are on their bucket list and your cover letter also has impressed them to reach out to you. And pat yourself that you have cleared the first stage of your selection process.

Here is yet another stage. And here, you need to talk with actual people. Not the ATS. There is no wonder regarding the stress during your big day. And what if it is scheduled within some hours. A last-minute interview is deadly! But, there are millions of ways to calm down yourself to ace the day.

Here we go for some.

Read the company’s website

Collect basic information about the employer brand and the best place to collect information about a company is their website. So do not forget to peek through their websites. This can also give you some assumptions about the questions they might ask.

Look at their social media accounts

Just like the website, social media platforms should also be inspected as they can tell a lot about the basic characteristics of the company. Do not hesitate to read the description in your LinkedIn profile or recent events shared on Instagram. Scan these to accumulate some interesting facts about your future workplace. 

See if they’ve been in the news

Check whether there is big news about the brand. And be informed with them too. This can provide an impression that you are knowledgeable. And also, be equipped with recent headlines of your niche. And try to highlight this information while you speak about the field. 

Look up your interviewers

Use little nuggets of personal information about your interviewers too. Check their social media profiles to know their character and interests. Maybe there can be a common interest that can trigger a fine conversation that holds enough sentiments to consider you. Don’t ever miss any chance to bag a job. 

Reach out to your network

Do a little research among your friends and relatives about the company and it will be great if you find out someone who has attended their interview before. Also, check for people who are working in your future workplace. 

Know the job description keywords

Right before your interview, take 5-10 minutes to read over the original job description again. The keywords can help you. Check the job duties and connect them with the skills and experience in your resume. You need to say why you are a good fit for the position. So you should also know the keywords regarding the position. This can give a quite lot of impression on the interviewers.  

Jot down a few questions of your own.

It is time to fit yourself in the shoe of the interviewers. Jot down certain obvious questions and prepare answers for them. You can be very cool if you are likely to get questions from these.

Prepare questions like these.

· What do you like most about working here?

· How do you define success for this role?

· What are the biggest challenges someone in this position might face?

· How would you describe the company culture?

· How can you contribute to the success of the company as an employee?

· What are the next steps in the hiring process?

Get a good sleep

Insomnia is a hardcore performance killer. Kill it. Sleep deprivation can affect your memory and lower your creativity. So stay away from it. Take a good sleep[ to present yourself as a better performer. Do not risk your sleep browsing about the brand. Do it some other time and get a good sleep.

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