It is not a surprise that the Marigold flower has been grown and used widely in Tamil Nadu. It is one of the most popular flowers grown in the state. The Marigold is mostly grown in the Southern part of the state. This is because it grows at a very slow pace and needs a lot of time and efforts to be grown. Even though the Marigold Flower is not very easy to grow, still its yield is very good and it has been the choice flower for many people for medicinal purposes.

The Marigold Flower has got so popular that it has become the national flower of Tamil Nadu. Even the corporate world is also giving importance to the Marigold Flower. This flower is used as an embalming material, to decorate the graves, and also to give funeral prayers. In some places, this flower is even used as a decoration for the newly born babies. The flower is very much popular as a sign of mourning and tribute.

Though the Marigold Flower is not very easy to find in the city of Chennai, it is found in almost every nook and corner of Tamil Nadu. You will also find the Marigold Flower growing in the backyards of Tamil Nadu. It is a part of the rich coastal tradition of Tamil people.

The Marigold Flower has a wide range of medicinal value. It is used as a cure for various ailments and also is a stimulant. Its flowers can be dried and used as a poultice to treat wounds, bruises and sprains. The other forms of usage are by drinking the tea prepared using the Marigold flowers or by rubbing the leaves on cuts and injuries. Also, the Marigold can be used as a vasodilator and diuretic, which are very beneficial to diabetic patients.

The Marigold Flower is also used in the field of food technologists, to flavor the cooking. The flower has been found to have a flavor that differs from its relatives in the botanical kingdom. The usage of Marigold flower is also prevalent in the field of cosmetics. The oil extracted from the flower is used in making lip-stick, soap, hair dressing and also in the cosmetic industry.

The Tamil speaking people have a great passion for these flowers and are fond of giving a gift to them. A single drop of Marigold Flower is considered auspicious in many cultures. Marigold flowers are also used in many religious ceremonies like marriages. Its flowers are believed to give protection against enemies. The flowers of the flower are used as offerings on the funeral pyres of the dead.

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