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Social network meaning it is the network made up of all digital social channels. It is none other than the social network in which our society finds itself living and sharing spaces and times.

You may not know it, but many people in Italy who intend to do business do not consider the web and especially social networks as an essential tool for growing their business. This partly explains why our country has a lower business digitization than the European average and, even more so, the world average.

So let’s see how to use social networks for companies, exploiting the strengths of these tools Buy Youtube views USA!

Why Are the Web and Social Media Not Valued by Entrepreneurs?

Without going around, it too much, our country unfortunately suffers from a cultural backwardness with respect to the use of these new tools to do business. Many businesses were born and developed on a family management model, in which everything is done at home.

But if on the one hand this model guarantees great strengths (quality, tradition, craftsmanship, passion, etc.), on the other hand it penalizes the development of a much broader vision and business projection.

Most businesses and businesses have poorly maintained and decidedly neglected social pages or, at worst, have none at all. This is because social networks and social media are still mostly seen as a pastime or as a means of keeping in touch with friends and family. But social networks are much more …

Social Networks Are Your Showcase to The World

In the light of what has been said so far, one wonders: why not take advantage of these tools to reach an even wider audience of customers?

Today billions of people appear on social networks regularly (2 billion people use Facebook every month!) And among them, thousands (if not millions) may be interested in what your company proposes. Why then keep them in the dark about your existence?

It’s time to think about a serious and competent social network management for your company too!

Over time, social networks in business have developed tools that allow entrepreneurs to reach portions of the public genuinely interested in their products and services.

Carrying out a marketing campaign through these channels not only allows you to reach potential customers of the future more effectively, but allows you to avoid the many waste of investments to which the old marketing channels expose you.

Why do social networks in business beat the old marketing channels?

Let’s Think Together: What Were the Most Used Marketing Channels Until a Few Years Ago On a Global Level?

•          Leafleting

•          Signage, billboards

•          Radio commercials

•          TV commercials

We have mentioned only the main ones, but in any case they all have the same weak point… none of them gives the certainty of fully grasping the ideal audience to which the marketing campaign is aimed.

For example, leafleting is around 1% conversion rate (i.e. the parameter that establishes the success or failure in reaching the goal of the marketing campaign), while other media do not achieve much more comforting results.

To make you understand why these low results are so low, I’ll give you a funny example. Imagine that you are at the sea and want to fish for tuna, but you have no idea where exactly they are and if the baits you use are the right ones. You start throwing bait after bait into the sea with the hope that some tuna will bite. At the end of the day, if you are lucky, you will bring home yes and no only 1 tuna having wasted so many baits in vain.

Where Then Is the Strength of Social Networks in Business?

These new tools allow you to target your ideal audience in an extremely widespread way!

Taking the example of tuna again, not only will you be able to identify them exactly, but you will know which baits to use and in what specific conditions.

Innovation VS Tradition:

Of course, the capillarity in selecting your audience for your marketing campaigns thanks to social networks does not mean that you will reach 100% of the conversions (the factors involved are many and many not manageable / predictable), but it allows you to increase them significantly. marked compared to traditional marketing channels.

This translates into an increase in the success rate (and consequent increase in turnover) and a reduction in waste on investments!

The world turns and goes on. The most avant-garde countries have immediately glimpsed the potential of social networks in business with and to date have built real business models thanks to them. This is why social media are continuously updated and refined to be increasingly effective marketing tools.

The possibilities they offer are in fact almost unlimited, giving the user the right cards to carve out his share of the market and take full advantage of it.

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