Economics and management are among the disciplines offered at the university. It is a question of choosing the courses which will correspond best to your professional project.

Do you want to continue your studies at university in economics or management? Many training courses exist and can correspond to your professional project. Orientations takes stock of the courses available to you.

Study Economics at University

This sector is aimed at those who know how to handle figures, who have a pronounced taste for geopolitics, public finances and quantitative techniques. A distinction is often made between macro and microeconomics: the latter is the branch that analyzes the market behavior of households; while macroeconomics focuses on the study of large-scale economic phenomena. The two are intimately linked.

Which Training to Choose?

After the baccalaureate, the DUT “Business and Administration Management (GEA)” is an avenue to consider. This training is prepared in IUT (university institute of technology), and delivers a diploma of bac +2 level. If you want a relatively short continuation of studies, it will allow you to acquire financial and organizational accounting techniques and to be operational at the end of your course.

Another possibility is to enter a license in “economics tuition”, “economics and management”, “economics-management, economic analysis”, or “economics, economics and finance” … Many specialties are available to you, so choose according to your preferred field or your professional project. Know that you can integrate them in L3, after obtaining your DUT.

Various professional masters are also offered: “currency, banking, finance, insurance; specializing in banking, finance, risk management”, “economic engineering”, “economics and management of cultural products”, “planning and local development economics”, etc.

Career Opportunities

You have two options: join the private sector, or the public sector.

In the first, you will be able to access the professions of consultant, statistician, or project manager at a bac + 2 level.

At a bac +5 level, you will be in charge of economic studies, wealth manager, management controller, auditor … You will work in the world of finance, banking, insurance, human resources or even marketing. You will also have the possibility of working on behalf of local authorities or social services.

In the public sector, you will be a primary and secondary teacher with a bac +5 level. If you have gone up to the doctorate (bac +8 level), you can then teach at the university or participate in research.

Study Management at University

The management allows a company to achieve the goals it has previously set (turnover, market share …). It is part of a well-defined policy. Managers are everywhere: from SMEs to large conglomerates, their services are essential to the development of the company. There are also many diplomas in this field.

Which training to choose?

After obtaining your baccalaureate, you can opt for the DUT “Business and Administration Management (GEA)”.

Subsequently, join a “management science” license, offered in traditional training and apprenticeship. The “management” license is also broken down into several specialties: “management course accounting”, “management course finance company”, “management course management”.

The professional licenses “accounting and financial management of SMEs”, “payroll and personnel administration” or “management and waste treatment (GTD)” will allow you to specialize further.

If you wish to obtain a bac +5 level diploma, continue with a master’s degree in “public management”, or “master’s in organizations and human resources management”.

Career Opportunities

These diplomas open the doors to many careers.

At a bac + 2 / + 3 level, you will gain access to the professions of accounting assistant, management assistant or import-export assistant.

Management controller, credit manager, accountant, chief accountant, office manager, accountant auditor, chartered accountant, auditor … So many possible professions after management studies at a bac +5 level.

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