“Busy” is the most suitable adjective for hiring managers. They are skimming through a whole lot of resumes a day. So, creating a resume won’t meet your needs. You have to stand out. Before standing out and before even creating a Professional Resume Writing Services in India, you need to know some basic rules on creating a perfect resume. Here are our 5 fabulous universal rules for resume writing.

Cover all the basics 

Every resume should contain basic elements regarding you. The goal of a resume is to best represent your relevant skills and accomplishments. And here are some basic elements of a resume that you should not be skipped.

l  Relevant educational degrees or certifications and/or licenses

l  Relevant work and volunteer experience

l  Contact information

l  Relevant Skills and your level of mastery

Study from other resumes

Avoid bias and feel free to refer to other resumes to know the basic pattern of a resume. It can be useful to see how other people have written about their skills and experiences too. Search for resumes related to the job categories you are applying for and also search for samples of people with different experiences. This is a better way to highlight your resume to get stand out and to avoid overused words. Avoid copying other resumes. Learn from resumes to produce a tailor-made and unique resume best reflects you. 

Use as few words as possible

Crafting dense paragraphs is not a preferred way to deal with resumes. Employers need to quickly understand your work experience. Format your experience as a list for easy scanning. Avoid too wordy and more concise sentences. Make everything crystal clear. As a rule of thumb, a typical resume is of two, pages. so make sure all the information you’ve included is essential. If you can’t identify what is essential, seek the help of someone else who know the niche.

Use keywords that employers are using in their job descriptions

Read and reread the job description before crafting a resume. The job description can better help you to crack the Applicant Tracking System. Know the jargon and industrial language. Hiring managers want to know whether you are an expert or at least adaptable to the niche. When they see their keywords in your resume, it reinforces that you are strong enough for the role. 

Proofread several times to catch typos and misspellings

Proofreading is important. Again we are highlighting, ‘proofreading is important’ as it is the last but unavoidable step while making a resume. Typos and misspellings can hide from your eyes. So make sure you are proofreading the resume more than three times. A single typographical or spelling error can sometimes ditch your resume even if it is crafted well. Always go for a line by line and word by word read. Seek an outside perspective too. Ask another person to read your resume to find out minor mistakes. 

A strong resume is a layer closer to your dream job. It is an aisle for your future and takes it seriously.

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