Recovery guide for laser eye surgery

Brar Eye Centre Punjab: If you are going to get laser eye surgery or someone has undergone it from the best eye hospital in Ludhiana, then this article will prove helpful to you. We are going to enlighten you about the post-operative care tips and recovery guidelines following the surgery. No doubt, the best eye specialist will talk you through the after-care tips in detail to manage the results and recovery will go smoothly.

Timeline of recovery with laser eye surgery and aftercare

In all, the recovery is quick with laser eye surgery and without any trouble. Patients can get back to their daily regime the next day.

Initial 24 hours

  • First of all, you will notice vision improvement. Although, for a few hours it is blurry or foggy so it is better to keep them close for some time. Make sure to ask someone to take you back home.
  • Do light activity only. You need not do anything strenuous which can poke your eyes.
  • For some time and to increase the recovery pace avoid all computer screens, mobile phone, tablets, and TV usage.
  • Do not drink alcohol.

After one day following surgery

  • You need to visit the clinic to check that everything is going okay. It is better to ask someone to come with you.
  • You need to instil the recommended eye drops by the doctor to prevent the eyes from drying out.
  • At night you can see halos and starbursts which will go away as swelling reduces.
  • While taking shower you need to be cautious that nothing goes inside the eyes.

3rd day after surgery

  • By this time, you can do light-weight exercise, lifting lightweight, and jogging. But do not do anything that lets your sweat go into the eyes and you need to rub it.
  • You can wear eye make-up and use aftershave.
  • Be cautious while driving in low light as sometimes vision is still blurry.
  • At this point, you are not allowed to perform any vigorous regime but the rest of your daily regime is back to normal.

2 weeks after surgery

  • By this time, the night glare will disappear and it will be assessed for 3 to 4 weeks. You need to visit the doctor in the 3rd month.
  • By this time, you can go swimming, scuba diving, tennis, football, mountain biking, and any other safe sports. Just make sure to avoid sports that require extreme pressure like martial arts, biking, etc.
  • While you clean the eye makeup, make sure that you are cautious.

It is better to ask the doctor what activities you should do and avoid if you are confused about anything.

3rd to 6th month after surgery

  • It is normal to experience dry eye symptoms for a few months. The doctor will suggest eye drops so make sure to use them and it will reduce within time.
  • For 6 months you are not allowed to use the sunbeds.
  • Visit for the 3rd-month eye checkup and then on the 12th month.

24/7 Aftercare Availability

Although, the doctor will be there when you need him. So, in case of emergency or any concern talk to your doctor because only he can give you the right advice.

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