Writing a resume to receive the email for the interview is a hard task. Not all resumes are going to be in the ‘yes pile’. The wrong method in writing a resume can end up in the ‘no pile’. So here is an article that helps you to tackle functional resumes in a better manner. 

What is a functional resume?

A visual cv resume or skill-based resume gives importance to the characteristics and qualities of a candidate rather than previous experience. This type of resume isn’t as common as a traditional resume, but now, this type is triggering tremendous results. Some companies may respond well to this type than traditional chronological resumes.

Who should use a functional resume?

A functional resume is a better fit for college students or freshers looking for internships or jobs with minimum experience. Highlighting your strength can picture you as a strong person, at the same time concealing your lack of experience in a creative way can heighten your first impression of hiring managers. A functional resume needs to emphasize skills and abilities with concrete examples. But if you are not sure about your skills, this type can’t be your savior. 

If you have employment gaps or a lot of short-term positions, a traditional or chronological resume may invite the attention of the hiring managers to your employment history, employment gaps to be specific. Employment gaps are red flags for many an employer. which may be a red flag to some employers. A traditional layout might also hurt career-changers with little to no experience in the new niche. So, in these cases, a functional resume can save you. Functional resumes don’t care about your experience. They are different and worth noting.

Functional resume template

When it comes to finding a resume template, there is an assortment of font offerings online. When it comes to seeking out the best resume template for your application, keep it simple. Fix a sleek template that does not distract the employer. And also avoid using cliche templates. Repetition might always be boring.

 skills and abilities in your functional resume should be listed at the top. If you want to make a successful functional resume, put your skills toward the top of the page rather than any other part. And make sure to include work experience if you have any. Do not fully remove work experience just because functional resumes are skill-based. 

Disadvantages of a functional resume

Hiring managers only spend a few seconds on a resume. One challenge of using a functional resume is that they may draw negative remarks while hiring managers busily scans your resume. It’s easier for a recruiter to scan a traditional resume and see position titles, years of experience, and previous organizations worked for as they a facing a whole lot a day. But it will be difficult to notice your key skills from a functional resume.  

Functional resumes might be discarded from the stack when there are hundreds of applicants. For openings with fewer applicants, the hiring manager might spend more time on each application. In this case, a functional resume is effective as they are scanned properly. 

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